Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the
Albrighton & District Civic Society
held at 31/32 High St, Albrighton,
on Monday 5th January 2015 at 2pm

Present :       
Peter Woodman - Chairman
Rod Smith – Secretary
Mike Pitchford - Treasurer
John Bulmer
Kate Fletcher
Bob Hickson
Ron Kidson
David Thomas – ex-officio representing Boningale PC


1. Apologies received from Peter Leigh, David Beechey. Michael Ward (ex-officio representing Albrighton PC) did not attend.


2. Minutes of Meeting of 1st December 2014 were approved.


3. Treasurer’s Report.– MP reported that the recruiting stall on the High St had generated £34.24 with approx 25 new members or renewals. The hire of the hedge cutter for Patshull Rd/Lane cost £10. Current bank balance is £2,380.48 some of which is ring fenced for the Entrances Scheme


4. To consider progress in regard to following main issues

a) Boningale Homes development of the Land East of Shaw Lane
Mark Yeoman had kindly sent us copies of the Display Boards from their exhibition. The information received was discussed. The Society generally supported the scheme but had some comments for the developer ‘s consideration which may help improve some of the details and avoid some objections by residents.
ACTION RS was asked to make a formal list of all points discussed and agreed. - See the separate document sent to BHL

b) Albrighton Place Plan
The Society wanted the Plan to include:-

i) A request that a Comprehensive Review of Traffic Issues in the District be Undertaken

ii) A request that the Public WC be reinstated.
It is understand that:-
1) The land is owned by Marstons and including the WC building.
2) A lease is about to be signed  between Marstons and SC. PW thought that such a lease would include any buildings on the land.


6. AOB
George Evens had suggested to RK that ADCS apply for funding for a community project from the committee he attends.
Possible Projects are:
New Bus Shelter at High st/Shrewsbury Arms
Another Planter
Funding to assist refurbishment of the Public WC
ACTION: RK to speak to George Evans

Next  meeting:  2p.m. Monday 2nd February at 31/32 High St. (Peter Woodman’s house). 

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 2nd March 2015

All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October

Public Meeting & AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 12th October 2015