(Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel and Tong)


We will hold a
Public Meeting
and AGM
7pm on Monday 10th October 2016.

so please put this in your diary and come to hear updates and have your say.
All residents are welcome.

Topics to be reported on will include:-

  • Village Entrances Scheme           
  • Society Support to retain the Swimming Pool
  • Proposals to Shropshire Council – we asked for Comprehensive Traffic Review incluiding. extra parking and the effect of the new housing in Shifnal and Albrighton on local roads etc – we have not received a positive response. We need your views and support.
  • Recue of the Station Master’s Building - a new beginning
  • Flower Competition award of Bulmer Cup and Certificates
  • Update on Campaign to retain the Pedestrian Access Ramp at the Station.
  • Campaign to address Eyesoresplease tell us of any in your area.
  • Improvements to the Entrances to the Villages
  • Public WC in the Crown Car Park 
  • More Planters in the High Street – do we need more?                     
  • School Awards Scheme - theme this year was Local Sports and Recreation
    • Crawford Cup won by Albrighton Primary School

   and the runner up Crawford Shield won by Birchfield School.

Draft Sports Facilities Strategy 2016-2037 – speaker Shropshire Councillor Stuart West

SC has a public consultation underway which closes 30th September. The Summary in their Document includes the following:-
“To deliver a network of modern, efficient and sustainable sports facilities in the County”
“The aim of providing sufficient high quality, fit for purpose and accessible provision is to Increase participation for health benefits & Increase regular participation amongst those who are inactive”
“...there are sufficient sports halls across the County to meet both current and future demand.”

Question & Answer session on the Sports Strategy

General discussion on any topics

Meeting ends 9.20pm.          (Bar open at 7pm. Meeting starts at 7.30pm)


Swimming Pool
In the early 1970’s local residents, supported by the then headmaster and some residents who worked for a local Civil Engineering Contractor, raised funds and built the outdoor pool and the original changing rooms in the grounds of Albrighton Primary School and gave it to the then County Council which agreed to maintain and run it in perpetuity – words confirmed by headmaster’s family who were there at the time. The headmaster then offered the pool for use by residents in the evenings and weekends when not in use by the school and in the summer school holidays – this was done by the establishment of the Albrighton & District Swimming Club which leased it back for a peppercorn rent. This rent is now not so much “peppercorn” as it is about £1600 per annum. This is a significant contribution to the cost of running of the pool, the remainder of which has been borne by Shropshire Council (SC). Last year SC reduced funding to Albrighton Primary in respect of the pool and the head teacher decided that the school had other priorities and could not pay any significant amount towards the upkeep and so the pool headed for closure.
The Society was pleased to be invited to participate in talks with other parties such as Shropshire Council, the School, the school governors, Albrighton and Donington Parish Councils and the Swimming Club to explore a way to keep the pool open for our school children and Club use. The pool is used 5 half days each week in summer term time by Albrighton Primary School but St Mary’s Primary School stopped using it and goes to Codsall Pool paying fees to Staffordshire Council. It is ironic to note that at the moment Shifnal, which does not have a pool, is raising funds to build one – we have one and we just need to keep it open!
Several meetings took place and everyone was pleased that Albrighton Parish Council agreed that they would be prepared to take it over and they generously provided immediate funds to keep the pool operating for a year while a permanent solution was found. At the Civic Society Public Meeting last October it was shown that a very small increase in council tax of only a few pence per week per household could comfortably finance the running and a show of hands was unanimous that this was acceptable. We have strongly suggested that the control of the pool should be in “Albrighton hands” to be sure of its future. SC has suggested two options for passing such control to Albrighton Parish Council both of which would then result in the formation of a Charitable Trust. Such a Trust would then be in a position to seek external funding from national organisations capable of providing some financial support to such sports/recreation facilities and a Trust would also enable the Swimming Club to continue.
This year of grace is now halfway over and we urge all concerned to deal with the matter with some urgency.
Can St Mary’s School not help by using the pool? What are the views of their governors and parents on this?

for more information please see   www     or contact:
Peter Woodman –Chairman (T: 372225) 31/32 High St  or Rod Smith -Secretary (T: 372765)