(Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel and Tong)

Albrighton Station Pedestrian Access Ramp
The project to retain the ramp is managed by the so called Ramp Team, established by Mark Pritchard MP some 3 years ago, and was formed to liaise with the other parties and is made up of representatives of the Parish Councils and the Civic Society. The various parish councils and the Civic Society have a role to play as their contribution to the Ramp Team. Currently the action is with Albrighton Parish Council to obtain an estimate of the additional premium, if any, to have the Ramp included in the council’s public liability insurance. Once this is done then the legal agreements between the parties for transfer of the ramp and its land from Network Rail and EE Communications (land owner) to Albrighton PC, operational maintenance of the ramp by the rail operator etc may be finalised. The new footpath to connect to the foot of the ramp would be installed by Shropshire Council.

Bridge carrying the Rail Track over Station Rd
Starting on 20th March, Network Rail’s contractor AMCO will close Station Rd to both vehicles and pedestrians and start the preparatory work for the removal of the bridge deck and installation of a new deck. Drawings we have seen show that the existing and original edge beams carrying the cast iron parapets, at the rear of each platform, will be retained so that the external appearance of the bridge will remain very similar to what we see now. If you look up as you pass under the bridge you can see the maker’s name and date the beams were cast, 1848, a year before the first bridge was installed. It would appear that the current bridge deck, installed in 1935, is the 4th deck since the original was built in 1849.
Contractor’s programme:
Close Station Road 20th March until 29th April 2017
No trains to stop at Albrighton between 8th and 23rd April. A bus will take passengers                  from Albrighton to Cosford where they can board the train and also will bring
them back from Cosford to Albrighton.
Total closure of the railway from Sat 15th to Tues 18th April (Easter weekend) when a 72
hour possession of the track will enable the old bridge to be lifted out and the
new one installed with work continuing day and night.

The Future of Albrighton Swimming Pool
Two representatives of the Civic Society are members of a community committee alongside councillors from Albrighton Parish Council, Donington Parish Council, Shropshire Council and representatives from the School and Swimming Club working to keep the pool open. The committee has been renamed the Albrighton Swimming Pool Action Group – to emphasise that action is needed. It was agreed that the next step is to try to transfer the control of the pool and its changing rooms from Shropshire Council to a local Albrighton trust. The Group has asked Peter Woodman (Civic Society Chairman) and Chris Edwards (Head of Infrastructure & Communities, Shropshire Council) to work together to prepare the documentation needed. We are pleased that Shropshire Council Leader, Cllr Malcolm Pate, is supporting this initiative.
Roger Rudman & David Alcock set up the Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool which runs the monthly Lottery and two representatives of the Society are helping them.

Albrighton & District Rotary Club
We were pleased to be asked to explain to the Rotary Club, the aims and purpose of the Civic Society. Our Treasurer, Mike Pitchford, gave a presentation to their members on 23th January showing some of the projects carried out and also some in progress. A lively discussion followed and one topic which sparked a lot of comment was the Society’s attempts to have Shropshire Council carry out a Comprehensive Review of all Traffic Matter in the District by proposing this point for inclusion in the recent SAMDev Report and also the last Albrighton Place Plan – our proposal was rejected for both. However there are plans for an “Extension to the SAMDev Report” & a new Albrighton Place Plan. Many commented that difficulty parking near shops in Albrighton & the likely increase in traffic through Albrighton due to new housing in Shifnal are two key matters needing review. We thank the Rotary Club members for their interest in our work & we are very grateful for their generous donation of £100 to Society funds.

For more information about the Society please see
www     or contact:
Peter Woodman –Chairman (T: 372225) 31/32 High St  or Rod Smith -Secretary (T: 372765)