Problems in Boningale

(A survey of problems in all four parishes prompted the creation of the Civic Society)



Church Lane Sign Leaning telephone box.
 Church Lane sign at eastern end bent
and obscured by brambles
Leaning telephone box
Temporarily leaning sign Boningale sign knocked into hedge.
Temporarily leaning sign beside
Church Farm.
Boningale sign, junction of Church Lane
and Patshull Lane, knocked into hedge
Flood drain outside 18 Church Lane
Flood drain outside 18 Church Lane No Entry sign posts corroded poor quality Parish notice board
Shrubs overhanging footpath Footpath sign
Shrubs overhanging footpath on
north side of Holyhead Road
Footpath sign on north side of
Holyhead Road toppled among
nettles overgrowing footpath
Footpath narrows Holyhead Road footpath
Footpath on north side of Holyhead Road
to the east of The Horns narrows to
850 mm and then 400 mm
Holyhead Road footpath between stile
and Woodhouse Lane overgrown
by nettles, made worse after rain
Wildicote bend Style to Pebble Brook
Wildicote. Bend to road (which takes farm
and scout camp traffic) needs widening.
Stile giving access to footpath to
Pebble Brook from Holyhead Road
in poor condition
Derelict Lea Manor Hotel Derelict Lea Manor Hotel