Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the
Albrighton & District Civic Society
held at APC Office, 82B High St, Albrighton,
on Monday 3rd June 2013 at 2pm

Present :
Peter Woodman - Chairman
Rod Smith – Secretary.
Sarah Baker
Ron Kidson
David Beechey – ex-officio, representing Donington-with-Boscobel PC

1. Apologies received from John Bulmer, David Hughes, David Murray, Peter Leigh, Michael Ward, Alan Wilmot, Mike Pitchford
The Chairman welcomed David Thomas as the ex-officio member representing Boningale Parish Council

2. Minutes of Meeting of 13th May 2013 were approved with the correction that David Murray had retired, not resigned, from the various Parish Councils.

3. Main Issues

a) Station Heritage Centre.
SB reported that an application for funds for the newly formed Albrighton Arts & Heritage Forum (AAHF) had been submitted to the LJC. The AAHF is formed as an offshoot from the Civic Society as a vehicle to engage the arts/crafts people to participate in a future Station Heritage Centre and before that to arrange Arts/Craft Fayres in Albrighton.
ACTION: SB & PW to establish a renewed Interim Management Committee (IMC) for the SHC.
SB: to establish the first quarterly Arts Fayre at the Albrighton Fayre day.
RK reported that a letter had been received from the Commander at RAF Cosford pledging £250 if the SHC goes ahead.

b) Station
Temporary Access Ramp to Platform 1
ACTION: RS to ascertain an estimate for temporary fences at each end and submit an application for funds from the LJC as a support action by the Society.
PW to speak to Cllr Malcolm Pate to ascertain progress with SC Highways Dept etc.

c) Planters. A small crack has appeared in one of the planters and MP is in discussion with the supplier.
The following shop-owners have each agreed to maintain/water one of the 3 planters near their shop:-
Hardware Shop, Cartwright’s Veg & Flowers, Rumbles Chip Shop (MP is providing some guidance to Rumbles)

d) Traffic Management.
RS reported that a good and positive meeting had been held on 30th April between ADCS, Mr Tim Smith (Financial Director of DA Roses) and Alice Dilly & Graham Downes of SC. See Notes of Meeting already circulated – we were still awaiting comment from Alice Dilly to finalise them. ACTION: RS will chase up Alice for a reply.

e) Village Entrance Scheme
JB reported by email that 36 bags of bark were transported and spread at two areas at the junction of Patshull Lane/A464 by PW, JB, Paul Joseland, David Milledge and Bernard Johnson – the committee asked JB to pass on our thanks to them. JB said that the beds will look good once we can get SC to arrange adequate mowing of the grass areas alongside (which SC have the responsibility to mow but which had been badly mowed by SC’s Contractor Ringway).
ACTION: PW will chase up again SC’s Anne Brakewell and will ask for a date of a remedial mowing. PW will also speak to Mat at the Hardware shop to see if he would volunteer to mow these immediately as a stop gap measure until SC would mobilise.

4. Matters Arising
a) Fayre 13 July 2013
It was agreed that the arrangements and tasks on the day will be as last year. PW is not available. SB will be on another stall.
ACTION: PW will buy new and better raffle tickets and all committee members asked to donate a bottle and bring to PW’s house.

b) School Award Scheme. PW reported that submissions form Birchfield were nearly ready.

c) It is understood that the decision of the Planning Application for conversions to houses at McKeand & Smith site is still awaited. There was a rumour that it had stalled as the site is partly on green belt? The Society had written in support of the application and felt it would improve the appearance of the office/barn buildings (and especially the becoming-derelict weighbridge building at the corner of Station Road/Shaw Lane) by bringing them into use.

Next meeting: 2 p.m. Monday 1st July 2013.

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 5th August 2013

All Committee Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are on the first Monday of each month at
Alb PC Offices, 82B High Street, Albrighton WV7 3JA (T: 375455).

(All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October

– NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY: next AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 14th October 2013)